Headboard as centerpiece of room

Headboard as centerpiece of room – easy way to freshen up the look of any room

Headboards are the centerpieces to any bedroom. They are statement pieces that not only create atmosphere in your room, but also set the tone for the rest of the decor.  The headboard is the first thing you see in a bedroom, and typically one of the largest pieces in the room. So next time you get the itch to redecorate, why not start with the headboard?


If you want to freshen up the look of any bedroom, begin with a custom made headboard and work your way out.  Choose or find your own fabric, select or create a size that works for you, and then add the finishes you want – it’s that easy. We suggest using your headboard as a sounding board for the rest of the room by incorporating pops of color in your fabric selection, the bedding, or even a custom made bench to go along with it.


Here are some examples to take note of:


For a simple and sophisticated look - we recommend a classic square shaped headboard in beige or off white linen fabric and nail head trim for a little extra emphasis. Now mix and match bedding in monochromatic colors, or pull color by hanging a dramatic piece of artwork and keep everything else neutral.


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For a chic and trendy look – we recommend a custom shaped headboard in a soft green or ironstone grey fabric, with tufted buttons. The more complex the headboard the more simple the bedding, but customize a matching bench in the same fabric and finish, then add a pop of color with unique throw pillows.


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For a fun and kid friendly design – we recommend 2 twin sized headboards in a navy blue linen fabric with a wood border frame and buttons. We know your kid’s rooms aren’t necessarily where you entertain, but a classic headboard will stand the test of time and can really help clean up the look of a children’s room when all else fails!



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