Adding a custom bench

At BedBoards Design Company, we also offer benches for the foot of the bed as an accessory to our headboards. These attractive benches can serve a number of purposes besides making your bedroom more beautiful. They’re also quite functional. Here are a few every day things you can do with one of our benches:


Our padded cushions make the perfect place to sit up and read a book before going to bed. Reading in the bed can cause a neck ache quickly, especially if you get absorbed into the book. A bench avoids this problem. However, if you prefer reading in the bed, a bench can also provide a good place to store your books so your nightstand isn’t cluttered.


No one wants to throw their clean laundry on the floor, nor mess up their perfectly made bed by sorting and folding laundry on it. The solution is to use the bench! Set your basket on the floor, then fold and place items on the bench before storing them away. Clean bed, clean floor, and clean clothing. It’s also an excellent place to put the sheets while you’re changing out your linens.


Finally, you can use it to store things. Placing your shoes under the bench will keep them out of the way. You can lay blankets on top so you can grab them during the night if you need one without getting up too much. If you don’t have a nightstand, you can reserve a corner of the bench for your wallet and keys.

If these ideas inspire you, take a look at our bench ordering page today for more information.