The Power To Choose

The Power To Choose

One of the great things about ordering online is that you can get something just the way you like it. Finding a headboard in the right shape, size, and feature can be difficult if you have a specific vision for your headboard in mind. BedBoards Design Company has many ways that you can customize your headboard.

Standard options

First, we have many different styles of fabrics available to choose from, both linens and canvas, as well as leather coverings for your headboard. Because there are millions of upholstery fabric to choose from, and fabric choices can be subjective, we also offer the option to provide your own fabric. All of our headboards have the option to come with extra padding or be built to larger dimensions. We upholster all the legs of our headboards so that the headboard looks uniform from all angles.

Our four main upholstery styles are plain, nailhead trimmed, tufted, and wood bordered. We also have a variety of shapes that you can choose from if you don’t want our standard rectangle shape.

Custom features

Our standard options please many of our customers, but what if you want your headboard to be something very special? That’s where our designers come in. If you have a particular fabric that you want to use for your headboard we can accommodate you. We can also build headboards to spec if you have a particular shape that you want. Just contact our offices and one of our designers will speak with you about your dream headboard. You can always email an example of a headboard you like and we will provide a quote.  Send all queries to

At BedBoards Design Company, we want to give you just that; a headboard that fits your style. Contact our sales offices or browse our website for more information.