How to Attach Your Headboard to the Bed Frame

How to Attach Your Headboard to the Bed Frame

Many questions surround the process of attaching a custom headboard to the bed, or bed frame.  Attaching the headboard to your bed frame is a simple DIY task that should interest even skeptics of taking on tasks for which a professional can be found. The process is primarily three steps and the only outside help you would need is a friend or any willing person to hold the headboard in place as you work on it. There are straight forward guidelines on how to get the task done. You should not worry of having to drill bolt holes since headboards come with the holes already drilled whilst the bed frames are designed to accommodate the headboard hence they will be having bolt holes for attachment.

Materials you will need include four bolts, four nuts, eight washers, a wrench, and power drill. In case you lack someone to help you hold the headboard in place then you can get some blocking.

standard bedframe

Step 1

Move the bed away from the wall to get some working space. Grab the headboard and have your helper place it just a foot away from the bed's frame against the wall. Mark where the holes of the headboard attachment (see image to right) located on the bed frame rests against the headboard legs. Ensure that the headboard is centrally located. Mark the area on the headboard leg with a pen. Drill a hole into the headboard leg with an electric/power drill all the way through the leg. 

Step 2

Slide a washer into a bolt and push the bolt through the headboard and through the hole in the bed frame. Slide another washer through the bolt end from the bed frame and screw the nut into place until it is finger tight. Repeat the process with the other leg.  Note: nut and bolt can be purchased at a local hardware store for under $1.00.  Make sure the size of the bolt matches the drill bit used to make a hole in the headboard leg. 

Step 3

With all bolts in place and the bed at a central position, hold the bolt with one wrench and use the other wrench to tighten the screw for both legs.

BedBoards does offer delivery and installation when purchasing a headboard through us, but many customers prefer to handle it themselves.  In this case, we hope this "how to" guide is helpful.  Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions on how to attache a headboard to the bed frame.  

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