Top 5 Ways to Maintain Your Headboard

Top 5 Ways to Maintain Your Headboard

Given the prominent role which a custom headboard plays in a room, it is important to make sure that it is cleaned and maintained in order to keep it neat and long lasting. The following are the five main ways to maintain your headboard.


  • The first step to ensuring that the headboard is protected from harm that could come as a result of dirt, oil, liquid, etc is to use a high quality, durable fabric. 

  • Before the headboard is installed to the bed frame, use a fabric protector solution to repel stains. You can ask us for the best fabric protector products, but we typically recommend Vectra and is easiest to buy on You can also find reliable products, such as ScotchGuard, at your local hardware store near you. Typically, one layer of protection will last an entire year. Just reapply annually. 


  • Clean up stains and dirt immediately. This is a simple way to ensure stains do not accumulate while not disturbing the material with too much brushing. Immediate cleaning is also fast and easier.


  • Monthly maintenance. Even after taking the above precautions, you will need to arrange for monthly cleaning. The best way is to ensure the material is cleaned with the appropriate cleaning method though vacuum cleaning (or dust buster) works for most kinds of headboards.


  • Protect against bugs. Furniture, like headboards, are likely to attract bedbugs and other pests. These pests cause stains and can eat up sections of the material especially wood and fabric. As such, it is important to treat the headboard regularly and check for pest infestation.


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