A Guide for Selecting Headboards

A Guide for Selecting Headboards

The best way to improve your bedroom both aesthetically and with additional comfort and functionality, is to get a new headboard for your bed. The first step in selecting a new headboard is figuring out the role you want your headboard to play in the room, and the design that best suits your space. This article provides you with a simple guide to select the best headboard for you:

  • Visual aesthetics: Since the bed is the centerpiece of visual focus in a bedroom your headboard accentuates the focal point of the room. It can be used to set the theme for the room and build further upon the room's design. As a result, you want to make sure the headboard fits in with the rest of the furniture and color themes of the room, especially if it is the last thing you are purchasing. 
  • Utility purposes: A headboard can be used to create more space, especially storage space, for a room. This is achieved without changing or cramping the room up. This is accomplished by fitting a headboard with shelves for holding books or decorative items. Others may come with built in reading lights or you can get ones with hanging hooks for your robe. Finally in terms of utility, a headboard provides a better backrest than just the wall.

Aside from knowing the function you want in the headboard, you will need to be aware of the following factors when looking for headboards for sale;

  • Detached and attached beds: Attached headboards come with the advantage of simplicity and firmness but can be difficult to change without changing the entire bed
  • Material used for the headboard: This is important as the material should match the look of the room and your taste. Materials include metal and wood which offer a classic look or you could opt for an upholstered headboard which provides a more tailored and custom look.
  • Size and shape of the headboard: This should match the room size and height as well as that of the person using the bed especially for a backrest.  Here are examples of some our latest headboards with unique size and shape:

headboard shapes

We hope this was useful. Please contact us with any additional questions or browse around our product pages to hopefully find the custom headboard that works best for you.

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