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The place where you can typically relax the most is in your bedroom. No wonder bedrooms are usually cozy, personal and unique. I already see you thinking - "I know that, but how do I achieve this?" Well, I have a suggestion that will help you in the right direction - start with your headboard.

To tell the truth, you should start with your bed. However, just think which part of the bed is most prominent in the bedroom. So - start with your headboard, and it then will lead you along the way to style all room. When you have your headboard, it is easy to think of matching bed-cover, then lampshades, similar style carpet or rugs and curtains or blinds. After that just take the dominant color, or vice versa - the color opposite to it, find the nicest shades and there you have your walls, ceiling and floor!

By starting this process, there is only one mistake you can make - and that is going with the store bought headboard. Believe me, it does not matter if you go to mass-production furniture malls or interior boutiques - nothing there is truly yours. None of those standard, hotel-reminding headboards will give your bedroom a personal touch. Not a single one of them can excite your imagination and give idea about the interior of your whole bedroom. 

Just think - you spend more time in your bed than anywhere else. Your headboard is one of the first things you see in the morning and the very last seen before sleep. Would you like to have a standard, tasteless, impersonal, mass-produced headboard and feel repulsion towards it every day? If not, just remember the golden rule: store bought headboards are not intended to be an exact match with your style, more quick fix. But, if a headboard is important to you as far as style, beauty, and uniqueness, a custom headboard is your best bet.  

Now let's see what can you with custom headboards. My advice would be to think about three most important dimensions: headboards have to be comfortable, beautiful, and personal. Your dream headboard is a mix of these three requirements. When sketching it in your mind, think what fits for you and you only. In the sense of comfort, would you like your headboard to be heavily padded, have nailhead trim for a rustic look, or you may like the fabric look mixed with a wood border. 

Now beauty is the thing we all see differently. First, think about the overall style and atmosphere you would like to create in your bedroom. Then match your headboard to fit. Do not limit your creativity - headboards can be anything: intense, understated, charming, funky, traditional, tailored or over-the-top, ancient, super-modern... Think about shape, size, material, fabric, colors. Browse through custom headboard images on our site or online for more inspiration.

Last, but certainly not the least thing, add a personal touch that makes the headboard yours.  Something personal, that reflects your personality. Maybe it's your favorite color. Or a pattern with your beloved flower. Your headboard, your touch.

You can create your perfect headboard - and we can help.  Take a look at our styles and should you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 404-227-3340.  You can also place your order online through our checkout option.


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