New Bedroom Accessories

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In our opinion, headboards have always been the centerpiece of the bedroom.  We have continuously built and refined our processes to provide the craftsmanship you would expect to find in a custom headboard shop.


Over the years, our customers have requested additional help designing the rest of the room and helping select other accessories for the bedroom, whether it's with pillow cases, or curtains, or even help with the bathroom. Whereas our number one focus is headboards, we always want to help out our customers and be a trusted resource for all things related to the home.  Now, we are offering our customers more items to choose from.


We have recently rolled out our new affiliate program with our recommended and trusted resources for bedroom accessories. Most of the items include discounts and sales so make sure to visit our resource page for more information.  


We included everything from bed linens, bathroom items, lighting fixtures, and fans. If there is anything else you would like to see on it, please feel free to let us know.  


Happy shopping!


- The BedBoards Team