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BedBoards - Supply Your Own Fabric

Our Supply Your Own Fabric service is simple and streamlined. Any of our products may be purchased with our pre-selected fabrics. However, if you prefer a fabric that we do not carry, simply choose the "I will supply my own" option in the drop down menu on the product page.  You can then send us the fabric directly.  One of our representatives will contact you once the order is placed to discuss shipping the fabric to walk you through it in more detail.   

Please make sure to label the package to identify the correct fabric with your custom headboard order. Preferably, the name on the shipped package will be the same as the order name.  

Determining Fabric Amount

How much material you send is determined by the size of your bed. 
King: 3.0 yards
Queen: 2.5 yards
Full: 2 yards
Twin: 1.5 yards
Bench: 1.5 yards

note: For any floral fabrics, or fabrics with heavy patterns, please send 4 yards to ensure we have enough fabric to line up the patterns properly throughout the headboard. 

Selecting Your Fabric

Below are our best practice guidelines when selecting a fabric for an upholstered custom headboard or bench: 

  • All fabric must be continuous yardage; we cannot accept multiple pieces of material.
  • Any stripes will be arranged vertically.
  • Most fabric works well with custom headboards. Please try to avoid very thick fabrics such as quilts or heavy leathers. 
  • If your furniture is tufted, striped fabrics are not recommended.
  • Please do not send contrasting fabrics, welt or fringe.
  • If your fabric features a central design, we will make every effort to center it on your item, if you so specify to do so. 
  • Before sending your fabric to us, please inspect it for flaws.
  • Because inadequate fabric will delay your order and excess fabric cannot be returned, please measure carefully.
  • Try to send it on a roll, not folded. If folded, we will do our best to remove any permanent creases. 
  • Fabric must be at least 54" wide.
  • Please send continulous yardage only; multiple pieces of material cannot be used.
  • If you have any questions about the suitability of your fabric choice, please e-mail us or call 404-227-3340

Feel free to contact us with additional questions to ensure your custom headboard is exactly what you are looking for!

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